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Skineez Medical Grade Advanced Healing Compression Socks 10-20Mmhg, 1 Pair

Skineez Medical Grade Advanced Healing Compression Socks 10-20Mmhg, 1 Pair

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Product Description

  1. Active Lifestyle

    Athletes benefit from wearing compression socks

    by improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage to ease muscle strain

  2. Travelers

    The perfect addition to your travel must-haves!

    Wearing compression socks during long flights will help increase circulation and reduce swelling

  3. Post-Surgery

    While you many not be moving around as freely

    Skineez socks help prevent blood clots, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and improve skin condition

  4. For You/Friends/Family

    Many Can Benefit from Skineez Compression Socks

    whether you're on your feet all day, sitting for long periods of time, pregnant, post-surgery, etc.

1 Athletes/Cyclers/Runners 2 Travelers 3 Post-Surgery 4 For You

What level of compression are these socks?

Skineez 10-20mmHg mild/medium compression socks – best for those who experience tired, achy, swollen feet after a long day of work, athletes, travelers, those with symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, and for prevention of varicose veins.

Why use Skineez compression socks?

Skineez compression socks help soothe tired, achy or swollen feet, relieve symptoms caused by varicose veins, as well as relieve heel, ankle, arch, and calf pain. While reinfusing moisture to the skin with shea butter, vitamin E, rose hip oil, + more

Will Skineez products prevent my skin from drying out?

Yes! Most compression material dries skin out. Skineez was invented to moisturize and protect the skin.

Skineez Skin-Reparative Products

Medical Grade Compression
Moisture Wicking
Hydrates Skin
Maximum Comfort
Made in the USA
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